Sunday, October 6th, 1935

“I helped cook dinner, then got Dick ready to go to the doctor.”


Going to the doctor in the 1930s. The ad below is easy to make fun of in 2013, but frankly I have to wonder whether our modern ideas about medicine are entirely valid. Eighty years from now, will people be shaking their heads in disbelief at unsound early 21st century medical practices?

20131006-173822.jpg, 1930 Lucky Strike cigarettes advertisement


About bernice1935

About me: I am a reference librarian at Collin County Community College in Frisco, Texas. My academic liaison departments are Business and Finance, Engineering and Emerging Technologies, Mathematics and Natural Sciences. My interests include Texas history and genealogy. I am a busy working mom of two teenagers and one crazy terrier. My wonderful husband of 19 years is a civil engineer who tries hard to organize our chaos and minimize the entropy. About Bernice: Bernice Allison Wyatt lived from 1899-1968. She is my husband's great-great aunt, and she kept this little diary for eleven months in 1935, from January until November. Bernice had no children and probably would be unremembered, if not for the little date book that she left behind. Bernice's life is a testament to all of the hardworking women who kept things going, even in hard times.
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